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I LOVE this forum. I am learning a lot about BB's and the ways people ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question Couple of Newbie Questions


    I LOVE this forum. I am learning a lot about BB's and the ways people use them. I've had my Pearl about a month now, and have a couple of questions.

    First, I don't have all the techniques right for using my Bluetooth headset. (Motorola H300). I can dial out fine using voice dialing, do stuff like check the phone status through the headset (that is what I do every time I connect to the BB just to make sure everything is working) but I can't reliably answer an incoming call. I assume that you just tap the connect button on the headset, but sometimes it does nothing, and sometimes the phone says "Say a command..". What is the CORRECT way to answer an incoming call using Bluetooth?

    Secondly, my BB is AT&T branded, but unlocked. I use T-Mobile as my carrier. Is there any reason I can't or shouldn't download software updates posted here that are for T-Mobile?

    Many thanks.

    - Earl

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    Re: Couple of Newbie Questions

    i'm not sure about your bluetooth probs, but for your second question: no, there is no reason you can't download and install any apps for any pearl. regardless of branding. good luck with your bluetooth stuff!
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    Re: Couple of Newbie Questions

    I know on my bluetooth all I have to do is hit the connect button and it answers for me sometimes there is a small delay but other that I've not had any problems

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    Re: Couple of Newbie Questions

    I think it may just be something with the Motorola Headsets not being 100% compatible. I have nothing to go on to back this up other than I run into the same issues with my HS850. It works great as a headset, I've just learned to answer calls by pressing the green button on my Pearl. Trying to connect with the headset isn't reliable.
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