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For the life of me I can not get my Pearl to connect to my ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Connecting BB to Vista 64....


    For the life of me I can not get my Pearl to connect to my computer. I'm running Vista 64 bit if that matters. My phone wont even charge over the USB, but I can connect to my micoSD card to add and remove stuff from it with ease.

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    Re: Connecting BB to Vista 64....

    Not sure what your problem is but I have a 8700g working fine with Vista 64. Just make sure you find and install the latest desktop manager.

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    Re: Connecting BB to Vista 64....

    One other thing to remember with Vista is to right click on the installer and select Run As Administrator. If you didn't do that, try uninstalling and reinstalling that way.

    In fact, when I install DM, I unzip the package to an empty folder and run BlackBerrySetup.exe (as Administrator for Vista). The reason for that is because if you simply run the package you download, it unzips to the %TEMP% directory and actually installs from there. If you subsequently clean out your %TEMP% directory (you do that regularly, right?) and then want to modify the installation, it will fail. I modify my setup between BES and BIS regularly (I support BB's), so it's worth the extra time and disk space!

    Lastly, if the BlackBerry is still unresponsive, try running Windows Update. For the 32 bit versions Microsoft has drivers that will install if needed.

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