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What I'm trying to do on my BlackBerry Pearl if possible is basically have a ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question Confused About Security / Password Settings, Etc.


    What I'm trying to do on my BlackBerry Pearl if possible is basically have a password prompt for my SMS messages and my email, and for my media SD card, and maybe when I power the phone on, and that's it! I have messed with every possible setting and it always asks me for the password when the phone autolocks.

    Is there some way of doing this? Thanks!

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    I would be interested in individual security as well.
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    Unfortunately, you cannot do what you describe.

    If you want SMS messages and e-mail password protected, you'll have to set a device password which will also lock the phone and require a password to make calls.

    There might be a 3rd party app which does this, but I'm not aware of it.

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    there is no 3rd party app that does this. the only thing that might work for you is enable a device password and allow calls when the device is locked. so then you can make call and whatnot and the rest of the devices apps (sms, messages etc) will be locked.

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