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Hi Guys, I have gone into the General Options menu under my messages and selected ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question Confirm Delete Problem


    Hi Guys,
    I have gone into the General Options menu under my messages and selected NO for the Confirm Delete setting.

    My outcome was to be able to delete email from the main view by simply pressing the "Delete" key. However, even with this option selected as NO, every time I press delete, I still have to confirm the deletion by pressing enter. Is there any way to turn off the confirmation screen so that i can delete a whole bunch of old emails without confirming each one?

    Thanks a lot. (BB Pear on TMO in North America)

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    Well you will still have to confirm, but you can hold the caps button, and scroll down and select a bunch of emails, and then select to delete them all. You can also highlight a date header, and click the trackball and select delete prior. This will delete all emails prior to that date. Hope this helps!

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    Another place to check is the Options in Messages, under the Email Reconciliation page. Each of your email accounts can be set to delete from Handheld, Mailbox & Handheld, or Prompt. If you have a service set to Prompt, then you will always be prompted.

    As well, deleting multiple items at the same time will ALWAYS prompt for a confirmation. However, when deleting multiple items, it's not that much of a chore to confirm the deletion, is it? I'm thankful for that prompt!

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