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My 8G card is getting full, and since TMobile doesn't have the 4.5 OS out ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Compressing the Card


    My 8G card is getting full, and since TMobile doesn't have the 4.5 OS out yet (which I understand will support a 16G card), it looks like my options are 1) use another vendor's 4.5 OS, or 2) figure out how to compress the songs (unprotected MP3s, mostly from Amazon or CDs) on the current 8G card. Does anyone have any suggestions re: option 2? Thanks, Bill

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    It's perfectly safe to use another carrier's OS and yes, anything over will support the 16gb card.

    You can find the most current OS for your device, instructions for upgrading and media card specs in the FAQ link in my signature.

    Your profile says you have an 8100, but you posted this in the 8120 thread. Just curious which device you have!

    Please let us know if you have any questions!


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    or you could drop some music to add more. Unless you really run through 8gigs of music daily.
    I really dont know how much the content compression will have anything to do with your music.

    PS, are the agents coming? i sense a deja vu..

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