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    hi, i have a question for the advanced users, you know how you can hold alt and press nmll and the battery bar turns to db/s and when you press alt and l g l g you see your log, and alt +race it shows your phones advanced status, well i was wondering if there is any more of those types of codes that i havent listed above, cause they are really helpfull and time saving.

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    Re: codes?

    Here's some:

    ALT + N M L L On the Home screen Switches the signal strength from bars to a numeric value.

    ALT + L G L G On the Home screen Displays the Java™ event log.

    ALT + V I E W In an open message, or in an open personal information management (PIM) item
    For messages, displays the RefId and FolderId for that particular message.
    For PIM items, displays only the RefId.

    ALT + C N F G On the Enterprise Activation screen Displays the advanced Enterprise Activation options.

    ALT + CAP + H or ALT + R A C E On the Home screen Displays the Help Me screen.

    M E P D On the SIM Card Screen displays all SIM info
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