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    clean water damaged pearl...proven


    Blow dry it and put it in rice.

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    Re: clean water damaged pearl...proven

    This was already posted in another thread, but I have a few comments.

    This is a very situational fix. It depends on what device you have and what components have come into contact with the liquid. It also matters how long it was submerged, if it even was submerged, if it was powered on or not. There are components in BB's and other phones that will not recover from water exposure, ever.

    Also, either rice or a blow dryer are situational as well. A blow dryer might not be able to get the area affected warm enough to evaporate the liquid. Also when the liquid evaporates, water vapor won't necessarily find it's way out of the device. Rice only absorbs liquid or water vapor it comes in contact with. Unless the rice was helping keep the device warm, which would be possible it you wanted it to, the moisture evaporated on it's own through the ambient room temperature. So if it did that and the moisture was able to escape, the same thing would have happened whether it was in rice, or sitting out on the table.

    So, while the device did work again, the rice was not necessarily the solution. However, if I dropped my BB in water, I'd do just about anything, superstitious or not, to recover it.

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