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I had trouble with OTA and the DM Help me!!... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    I had trouble with OTA and the DM Help me!!

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    PM me ;)
    Chronos (the second link from neosistec) works like a charm! Thank u so much reddog! Very smart with neat graphics and has a countdown timer too.
    I love the feature called 'accumulated time'. Just what I needed for Karting and other motor racing I participate in.
    And it allows emailing of results too. Bad a$$!!

    ~via BB: 8100: Red (

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    thanks for the post.........

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    Suretype on the 8100


    I'm new on the forum - just joined to download the Chronograph app. This is a neat site.
    I have to say that, at first, I thought RIM had totally missed the mark by creating a non-standard keypad layout on the Pearl. Not only was this not a full keyboard, it wasn't even the typical 10-key found on many phones...aaagh! Memorize a new layout? Just what I needed (not!).
    When I first tried the Suretype, I was running a previous rev of BB software - 4.2, I think - and I hated it. The typing did not feel natural and you had to select characters or words by scrolling the trackball horizontally - not nearly as easy for me as vertical scrolling. So, I gave up and went back to the multi-tap...ughh.
    Then I updated to BB 4.5 and decided to try the suretype again, and what an improvement! I love it now! I've written several 200+ word memos on my 8100 using suretype. It's intuitive, has good word guessing, some neat features, like typing "im", then a space and having it automatically change to "I'm"...or pressing space twice after a word and having it insert a period automatically. And, of course, they changed the word selection scrolling guessed it..vertical. It's great. I'm sold on it...but the upgrade made all the difference.

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    Thanx so much!

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