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Hi Everyone, Great forum, I'm glad I discovered it and got my Pearl working as ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Change Profile When Charging?


    Hi Everyone,

    Great forum, I'm glad I discovered it and got my Pearl working as a modem for my mac in a just a few minutes!

    Here is one thing that seems simple and has been bugging me. I always keep my phone on vibrate so as not to disturb others, but there is one time when I'd like the phone to ring audibly (or "tone" as they call it). When it's charging and plugged in!

    It stands to reason that if it's plugged into the charger cable, then it is not in my pocket and I won't be able to feel it vibrate.

    When editing the advanced options for the profiles, I noticed that you can change settings for when it's in the holster vs. not in the holster. But you can't set a different setting for when it is plugged in and charging.

    Does anyone know how to do this??

    Many thanks!

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    Re: Change Profile When Charging?

    you can't do it without doing it manually sorry

    welcome to the stacks

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    Re: Change Profile When Charging?

    Hi Man....

    I think that this is not possible, at least with the current OS available.

    I guess you will have to do it manual


    PS: .Welcome to the stacks!!!

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