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Does anyone know if there is a car holster for the 8100 pearl that can ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Car Holster for the Pearl 8100?


    Does anyone know if there is a car holster for the 8100 pearl that can just sit on your air condition fan so I dont have to hold on to my phone while I am using my GPS? I tried Wal-Mart today and they only sell those "Type S" sporty ones, but they block the screen after you put the phone in, so those are no good... so anyone got any clue where to find out that will not block the screen? Thanks!

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    HI Eric,
    I haven't seen any posts about a holster for the pearl. I briefly browsed this site yesterday. They might have something you are looking for.

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    i bought a ipod holder from autozone for $5. it had pads on the top and bottom with the bottom one extending with a nice tight spring. I works great and doesnt block any of the side buttons or the mute button on top or the speaker opening or the mic on the bottom.

    When looking for accessories for our phone just keep in mind the overall shape of it is very similar to the ipod and you'll be surprised what you can find.

    as a side note I have found a car adapter, a nice neopream case for it for running, and a slide in case that I modified with a magnet that I use as my main case. has a swivel clip, elastic sides, open top and its exactly the size of my pearl...oh and best part. it was $6 at frys (=

    I'll post pics later

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    I use an OEM car holder from Motorla, I had it for my RAZR and it still works great for my 8100.

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    I've had two from Target in the past. One was a soft sqeeze type that clamped on the side of the phone, pretty useful, don't know what happened to it. The other was a bit more comical. It was a little 'man' phone holder with posable 'hand' that would wrap around your phone. Held it very well.

    Jeez, now you reminded me. I need to go out shopping for a car holder for my 8700... Thanks :P

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