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I have BBSmart (trial) and an 8130 with OS 4.3 I was sent an email ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question Can't view Email attachments


    I have BBSmart (trial) and an 8130 with OS 4.3
    I was sent an email from a yahoo account to my yahoo account where it was downloaded to my BB (BIS). The email had showed unknown attachment for the 5 attachments plus there was this instead of a picture within the email


    Any ideas? Am I supposed to get another program that will allow me to view attachments?

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    In my experince opening attachments using BIS, I could only open .jpg, .gif, and .pdf files. I haven't been able to open any other attachment types and I think it's a security restriction from RIM, but never bothered to ask the exerts b/c I can always go on the web to see the attachments, doesn't bother me that much.

    But if the attachments are anything else other than those formats you won't be able to open them unless someone knows something I don't.
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