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Hey there. I've had the 8220 since March and never had any problems, so about ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Can't turn on bluetooth


    Hey there. I've had the 8220 since March and never had any problems, so about two or three days ago I realized that there was a new OS out there and figured I should update since it's been ages since I had. I connected the BB to the computer, turned on the Desktop Manager, and did the backup of the information. Then, hit on Update System (or something like that) and the process started. Everything worked fine, I lost nothing of my information... and then two days ago when I tried to turn on the Bluebooth, it stayed turned off. I tried to Search a Device, and it just froze and wouldn't work until I removed the battery.

    Is is the OS? I checked and it's v4.6.0.305 (Platform Did I do something wrong? Is there something I should have done that I didn't?? I'm really started to freak out over here, so if anyone has an idea of what to do, please, let me know. Thanks!

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    I have the same problem. I keep the bluetooth on my phone enabled all the time. Today when I tried to connect my handsfree to my phone, it didn't connect. I checked the phone and the bluetooth was off. I tried to enable it but after trying for a few seconds, it gave up. I removed the battery and retried but exactly the same behavior. When I click on the Bluetooth checkbox in the Manage Connections screen, it appears to do something but then gives up.

    The exact same thing happened to me last year also after owning the phone for a few months. At that time, my phone was under warranty, so my carrier (T-Mobile) sent me a replacement phone. Now, it has happened again (exactly the same symptoms). My phone is not under warranty anymore!

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