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Was wondering if anyone can help me install jar programs ota I don't know if ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    cant install jar programs


    Was wondering if anyone can help me install jar programs ota I don't know if I need any software to read or open jar files I tried to download super Bluetooth hack and radio bee both times when I downloaded ota it came up invalid jar file any help would be amazing thanx stackers

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    Jar files are supposed to be downloaded straight from the net by your bb browser. Lots of folks dont have data plans and download the jar files to their computer and then transfer it to their device's memory and then take it from there... Take a look at this thread, it'll give you an idea about what I'm talking about.

    But from what I'm understanding that's not really your problem... You cant download it. You are getting an error. Sometimes using the above method gives errors. Its a dependency issue, mostly. I never could get radiobee to play nice with me... Just one of those things. What can I say! Keep trying see if something happens. Sometimes downloading to the computer first helps... sometimes downloading straight to the berry helps. Good luck.

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