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(I cross posted to the 8120 Board). I cannot get the phone to ring or ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Can't get a ring or vibration on incoming calls


    (I cross posted to the 8120 Board). I cannot get the phone to ring or vibrate when a call comes in. Profiles are set correctly; tried a battery pull. Virbrator works when low battery; volume control works fine; calls come in, and if I see them on the screen I can answer just fine. It is as if I hit some type of mute on incoming notifications (the physicall mute button is not on). Every thing else works fine...any suggestions welcome.

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    The only thing I can suggest is taking your device back to the vendor. Hopefully you're under warranty but if not, you'll have to pay for the malfunction.

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    just ask
    is there something like ringo or mring installed?

    have u tryed buzzme or vib&ring or ring and vibrate

    and tryed to see if that makes it work if not then do what smooth10 said i would take it back

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