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Hey guys i know someone had to already ask this question but im new at ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Cant delete themes i downloaded OTA!!!


    Hey guys i know someone had to already ask this question but im new at this and have nooo idea how to look for the same thread that im posting.

    I cant seem to delete some themes that i downloaded OTA.....why is that? From what i though i simply had to highligh the theme and click the "menu" button which is the buttom with all the "dots" but the delete option is not there for none of the themes that i dowloaded.....can anybody help me out?

    thanks alot


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    Re: Cant delete themes i downloaded OTA!!!

    From the main screen, go to (Settings/Tools -->) Options --> Advanced Options --> Applications. The themes may be listed there. If you find one, scroll down to it so that it's highlited, Click the Menu Button (button to the left of the trackball) and select Delete.

    If that doesn't do it, download JL_Cmder, extract it to a folder, then from a DOS prompt go to that folder and type the command:
    JavaLoader.exe -u dir >dir.txt
    This will put a list of all the COD files into a file named DIR.TXT. Now type
    notepad dir.txt
    to view the results. Use the FIND command in Notepad to find the word theme, then from the command line type
    JavaLoader.exe -u erase net_rim_theme_themename.cod
    replacing net_rim_theme_themename.cod with one of the files you find in notepad. I don't have a lot of themes, but they all start with net_rim_theme_.

    Do not erase com_plazmic_themereader!!!

    Good luck!

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