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hello, I have a problem. I have 2 blackberries. 1) att curve on company a ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    cannot wipe handheld entirely


    hello, I have a problem.
    I have 2 blackberries.
    1) att curve on company a BES
    2) vzw pearl on company b BES

    I transferred my contacts / calendar from curve to pearl via one-way sync. Everything seemed to be going well on vzw. was able to send / receive emails on BES and BIS. receive calls, browse web, run apps, etc.

    All of a sudden my service books weren't working for web browser. contacted tech support at vzw. nothing seemed to help. wiped the handheld (it's so new there's not much on it) so that I could just reactivate on company b BES.

    the blackberry will not completely wipe. in fact, it now thinks i'm attached to company a's BES. Every time I activate, even though I use company B's email and password, it links up with company a.

    i can still access company b's email via the blackberry/owa link. and i can still access my vzw BIS via their url.

    i feel a bit desperate here as i'd love to not have to go to company b and explain the whole situation!

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    Since you wiped it, Company B may have to redo the BES activation. Plus, one of the advantages of BES in cases like this is the IT rep can do a remote wipe of your handheld, and push new service books out to your phone.
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    ok the problem is this.

    when you transferred the data from the first device to your vzw device you transferred the service book from the original device. anytime you switch devices the new device has to be separately activated on the company BES. you are gonna have to talk to your IT dept and have activate the vzw device and push the new service books to the phone

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