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I know that this is REALLY LONG, but most of it is just extra info!! ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question Cannot get Internet......


    I know that this is REALLY LONG, but most of it is just extra info!! Mainly I am having trouble getting online..... I did recently find out that I still need to register but I am having issues with that, as far as my phone says that the request has been sent but then nothing happens, maybe that is the issue!

    I am having an issue getting online with about two or three different error messages that will come up, but I think this is because my settings are not correct as I have been trying to get wifi to but it just wont.... It only seems to work when going to BB home page, but EVERYTHING else seems to go through ATT (the wifi symbol at the top changes to network signal). Then I will either get "A problem occurred while trying to render the page" or I will get "service not availble please try again later" or "Unable to find requested server"

    I do need some help with this as well.... Also can someone tell me what the symbols mean in the "connections", Mobile network has a check, but Wifi and bluetooth both have a dash "-" MY wifi says connected, and I know that my bluetooth is not!!! Should my wifi have check instead of a dash?

    I know that I am connected to my wlan because I can ping other devices on the network from the BB, I can see the BB on my router. Everything else on my network can get out to the internet where the BB only seems to be local (probably a stupid setting that I changed or missed).

    I noticed that the BB has a VPN feature... Is there a way I can use that through USB??? This would be a good test because I can test the browser settings on the BB since I know that the network is not the issue at this point!

    Here is how my BB is setup right now...

    Adv Options- Default browser is HotSpot
    mobile netowrk- ATT, Data Service is ON
    Wifi- Connected but agian with the dash (not sure if that means anything)
    Status- IP address is legit

    Manage Connections:
    Mobile network- ON with a CHeck
    Wifi- ON with a dash

    Browser Options:
    Browser- HotSpot, Everything is checked except for background images, Emulation is BB
    General Properties- Default browser is hotspot

    I know that this is a LOT of info but if you need more I am very willing to get to you.... All Help is very much appreciated!

    Also I am using BB web browser, would it be better to get a different one?
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    Try Opera Mini, for me it's 1,000x better than the default BB browser.

    Also, as for you internet problem, I'm far from being an expert, but I see nothing about your TCP settings.

    I have t-mobile, so I don't know if it's different for ATT, but when I activate internet (i go back and forth between having it), I have to go to the Advanced Options -> TCP -> and set the APN field to have "".

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    Thank You Aryssues

    I saw that they do have Opera for the 8100 but I have been hesitant to try it on the 8120. Will that version work? I am also hoping to update the FW to 4.5, would it still be compatible?
    AHH- yes, the TCP settings are set to domain (wonder when that will change now thats ATT), Does anyone know if that needs to be changed for ATT? and would I change it to or a different domain?

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