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Originally Posted by dipenpatel hey i have a laptop with vista so can anyone tell ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Re: Can the pearl be used as a modem for laptops?


    Quote Originally Posted by dipenpatel View Post
    hey i have a laptop with vista
    so can anyone tell me
    hw to configuar my laptop with my bb pearl for internet i have bis,
    Same procedure.

    Install the Blackberry desktop manager, plug in the phone via USB cable. You must have the Blackberry Desktop Manager installed, running, with your phone plugged in and the Desktop Manager saying that you are connected.

    Go to Control Panel, switch to Classic View (on the left in the control panel you will see the option)

    Go to Phones and Modem Options, and it may ask you to enter your Area Code. Do so.

    Click the Modems tab.

    Single-click Standard Modem and down at the bottom hit Properties.

    In the Standard Modem Properties window that just appeared, click on Modem tab.

    Set Maximum Port Speed as 115200.

    Go to Advanced Tab and enter EXACTLY THIS (just highlight it, copy, and paste it) into the field: at+cgdcont=1,"IP",""

    You may have to enter a different command, but for now just keep it this way and hit OK.

    Go back to Control Panel

    Click on Network and Sharing Center

    On the left of this window is a list of options. Choose Set Up A Connection Or Network

    Click Connect to the Internet

    Click Set Up A Connection Anyway if that option appears. If not just continue.

    Choose Dial Up

    Click Standard Modem

    In the Phone Number field enter *99# (star99pound) no spaces or area code.

    Leave User Name and Password fields BLANK

    Hit Connect.

    Remember, you MUST have your Blackberry Desktop Manager open, your device attached, and the Desktop Manager must say that the device is connected.

    If you get an error message while trying to connect, then the command we entered into the advanced modem field is incorrect for your device. Call your cell service provider and ask them about setting up your phone as a modem and see if the command needs to be something else. This worked for me, and I have my Blackberry 8100 Pearl set up as a modem both on my laptop and my desktop, both Vista and XP (relatively similar setup instructions), and it works fine with a consistent connection, with download speed of between 90 Kilobits per second and 115 kilobits per second. Not bad for a backup internet option (certainly faster than standard land-line dial-up). Enjoy!
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    Re: Can the pearl be used as a modem for laptops?

    thanks buddy
    m tryin

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