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I installed IM+ on my 8100, then disconencted. I went to reconnect a little later ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Can connect to computer


    I installed IM+ on my 8100, then disconencted. I went to reconnect a little later and now I can't seem to connect to the desktop manager at all. I can open it as a removable disk via windows, but if I try with the DM, it will tell me that it could not find my BB.


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    Re: Can connect to computer

    Can you connect to dm at the same time mass storage mode is on? On a phone that I have you have to turn off mass mode before you can access the actual phone using any other program.

    This is just an off the wall suggestion, since I dont even have a compatible BB.

    Good luck, let us know how it goes.

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    Re: Can connect to computer

    What version of the DM are you running? Is it just not saying that it's connected?

    I use to have that issue when I would connect up quick and disconnect and I did that a lot. I think it just takes a while for the DM to register the BB is connected. I think it gets confused sometimes.

    Anyways to the solution. I recently enabled my password. About a month to two months ago. Figured it was a good idea after talking to Cherri about losing it or if it gets stolen. With the password enabled anytime you want to access your BB when you plug it in, you have to type in your password. For some reason with this enabled it keeps everything in check.

    Before I had the password enabled my DM would crash constantly!!! I would open it and windows would give me an error and say it had to close the DM. I would have to open it 3 to 5 times sometimes just to get it to open without crashing. Keep in mind this was with all the versions of DM. The one that came with my TMO pearl, the one with Service Pack 1, and the lastest one with Service Pack 2.

    I also had connection problems like you, before enabling the password function. Like you said it would just never connect properly to the DM. I would plug, unplug, plug, unplug until it would finally register, half the time it would make my pearl freak out and think that it would be trying to connect even if it wasn't plugged in.

    In short, try enabling a password and see if that works. If it doesn't you can always go back.

    Sorry for the long post.
    Good luck

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