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Can anyone tell me hw to turn up the volume on my BB Pearl?... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question Can anyone tell me hw to turn up the volume on my BB Pearl?


    Can anyone tell me hw to turn up the volume on my BB Pearl?

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    ~via BB ( The volume up/down keys on the right side of the phone.

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    In case you've done that- you can also change the volume (along with vibrate, led flashes, etc) from your profile menu.

    -Just select the speaker (trackball to the right from your main menu) and select the speaker.
    -Scroll to the bottom and select "advanced".
    -Then highlight (not click) the profile settings you would like to edit, and press menu (to the left of the trackball).
    -Select Edit

    This brings you to the option menu for the edit screen which allows you to edit the volume, vibrates, led flashes for everything from browser, phone, facebook, messages, etc.

    -Select Phone [your phone number here]
    -select volume - select your choice of volume


    Here you'll see options to change your ringer for that specific profile (ie. loud, vibrate, quiet) along with the out of holster-in holster options, repeat notification, etc.

    You will have to change these settings for EACH profile you wish to use.

    Once you are completed, hit the "back" button (to the right of the trackball), select "save" and you're good to go!

    Let me know how it worked out for you! :-)
    Best of Luck!


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    Question Damaged volume key need conversation volume turned up!

    So let's say that your 8100's "volume up" key is damaged and inoperable. How might one turn up the volume for conversations/music etc in a situation like this?

    p.s. buying a new phone is an obvious fix so please do not suggest this.

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    One could do that if he read and followed Jay Mam's don't need no stinkin key!

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