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Hey guys.. I did a search for camera problems and most of the ones I ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Camera Issue.. *sigh*


    Hey guys.. I did a search for camera problems and most of the ones I read on here were not the kind of problem I am having.

    This started about a month ago out of no where. I never drop my phone or let any kind of liquid get near it.

    So here is the problem. When I start up the camera, the camera loads but it's a grey background and the phone restarts. Right when it turns off, the red indicator comes on and I have no idea what the problem is.

    I have no other applications running, no memory card in the phone, hardly any pictures stored on the phone, and no other kinds of apps on the phone either.

    Can someone give me some insight on how to get this problem fixed?


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    Re: Camera Issue.. *sigh*

    Hi Rebels.....

    Sounds like something may be corrupt.

    You might benefit from reloading or upgrading your operating system. Your profile does not indicate your current OS but TMO's would be about as current as you would need.
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    Re: Camera Issue.. *sigh*

    ummmm...only one of two things are going to work. trying backing up your device and reloading the latest OS for your provider. it could have been a glitch in the software if not then contact your carrier if you purchased the phone through them and have the perform a warranty excange
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