There is a Camera .COD file (at home on my 64 bit system so I don't recall the exact name of file). You can extract 2 .COD files out of it if you give it a .ZIP extension - but not necessary for the next step.

Open the file (or the larger of the two if you unzipped it). Do a search for .MID in the file. Find next a few times and you'll notice that the filename is located in resources/CameraShutter.Mid (not 100% sure if thats the exact filename or not as I'm going from memory but you'll know it when you see it).

SO... is there a TRUE file explorer for the BB that shows the "system" files so to speak? I remember for Motorola Vxx phones there was a ton of hacking support yet so far I've been unable to locate the same utilities for my new BB. Sorta disappointing as I LOVE custom modding phones and hacking them up.

Anyhow if I have more time at work I'll play with this somemore. I am going to try and remove the reference to the .MID file altogether with a Hex editor or possibly try to make custom sounds possible (possibly from changing it from the "resource" directory to say "ringtones"). Then see if I can dump an empty CameraShuffle.Mid file in ringtones.

Anyhow the easiest solution would be sme sorta file explorer so I REALLY hope it exists.