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i've been reading a lot lately about the wifi calling and such, but i have ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Calls over wifi, NO UMA


    i've been reading a lot lately about the wifi calling and such, but i have yet to find a program that can makes calls and/or skype people through wifi. iSkoot and and IM+ all go through TCP, whats the point in that when u have a wifi connection available thats 10x faster??

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    The point is that so they can charge you for your calls. The phone companies aren't going to support a program to bypass their network so you can make free calls. It wouldn't be the smartest business plan. I also doubt that RIM would be inclined to research this either. I yet to see a program of such nature. I doubt anyone is developing this for BBs, you never know though.

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    It depends on your carrier. If you have T-Mobile UMA is supported natively with the Curve or the Pearl. I believe AT&T is coming along but your out of luck if you have Verizon. In that case you will need a program like IM+ for Skype.

    I use it on my Curve and love it. The quality of calls is great and if you move out of range of Wifi it flips right over to the cell network.

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