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First off I'm gonna say that pinstack far the most helpful/useful website when it ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    caller tune?


    First off I'm gonna say that pinstack far the most helpful/useful website when it comez to blackberryz...okay herez my there any way that I can use one of my ringtonez as a callertune? You know to when the caller is calling the tune I select is the one they will hear? Just wonderin...thanx for any and all help.

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    Re: caller tune?

    not that I know of. Not sure how that is all setup. Don't know anyone with it.

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    Re: caller tune?

    This is not something you can enable yourself, you need to pay for the service through your carrier. ATT has it and it is called answer tones, I believe it is $1 per month and you have to pay for the tones via their ringtone website after you select the one you want to use.
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    Re: caller tune?

    ~via BB ( is right-it is called answer tones and it costs $1 per month and you buy the tone from ATT for $2.49. The tones are limited to certain artist and there aren't as many as ringtones.

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