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Hi, I just bought my pearl 8100 last week and I been having problems with ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Call Failed


    Hi, I just bought my pearl 8100 last week and I been having problems with it, I get this message "call failed" almost everyday I cant make nor receive phone call. my service provider is T-mobile and i been to almost every trouble shooting they have have, from reaseting the signal battery off for a few minutes to re-loading the software into the phone.
    I saw in one of the threads that this problem stops if I get the data service. is this true? so far i only have the phone serive, my fav 5, unlimited text,multimidia messages.
    what can I do?did anyone else had this problem and were able to fix it?
    should i return the phone for a new pearl, or get a different phone?

    thank you for your answers

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    Re: Call Failed

    hi welcome to the community , well i have a pearl also with vodafone data plan in portugal and i get the same error every so often , i just believe it is that your pearl hits a coverage blackspot on the network , there are many of these blackspots even in major citys , i dont think it is a problem with your phone , but if it is i think it maybe the antenna on your phone is not picking up a strong enough signal , so maybe a new pearl will fix this .

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    Re: Call Failed

    What area are you in, Danny? I am in Atlanta and I hit black spots pretty regularly, but they are now predictible so I can tell someone when I am about to drop them...

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    Re: Call Failed

    it just happen to me in NY i think it's a major Problem

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    Did it say "emergency only" sometimes? I had a bunch of call failed happening with my Tmobile phone - not BB yet that time. Then once asked my buddy to let me use his phone - guess what - at the same spot his Tmobile phone was able to make a call. We swapped SIM cards and the "call failed " scenario went to his phone with the SIM! I called customer service, explained what happened. I also told them about another occasion, when I was standing in front of a cell phone tower and I got call failed all the times. They fixed my SIM over the air. I did not get an exact explanation, but I think Tmobile maintains a database where they have or have not coverage. When they think they have coverage they disable roaming. Since that I'm fine.


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    Re: Call Failed

    I get this all the time actually here in NY ~via BB (

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    Re: Call Failed

    strange, I work in NYC and have never experienced it.

    it wouldn't hurt to trade it in for a new one and see if problem persists.

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    Re: Call Failed

    Dannycano, Welcome to PinStack.

    Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help with this problem or your BB.

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