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Hi , I have a BB Pearl 8100 and am trying to get it to ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question Calendar Sync. problems


    Hi , I have a BB Pearl 8100 and am trying to get it to stop deleting older calendar entries when I sync. I have cingular (At&t) and need to know how to arrange the settings so this does not occur. I am not on BES. - thanks

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    Re: Calendar Sync. problems

    If using desktop manager 4.2...

    From "synchronize" select to "configure sync"

    and for outlook click "configue" / "advanced settings"

    then under the "conflict resolution" tab set it to "ignore" or "handheld wins".

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    Re: Calendar Sync. problems

    Hi, I also have a BB Pearl and it had been syncing with Outlook without problem. Now, I get a message that over 2000 Calendar items deleted from handheld will be deleted from Outlook. The only way around it seems to be to re-sync each time which is time consuming. I'm wondering if there is a bad record in the Pearl Calendar as when the sync process is "reading" from the handheld calendar it seems to stop and flash slightly at 163 records rather than continuing to read over 2000. Checking the handheld the old entries do seem to be there. Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Re: Calendar Sync. problems


    Take a look at the settings under OPTIONS in your Calendar on the Pearl. See what the setting is for "Keep Appointments" Perhaps that is your problem.
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