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B. Swift’s 10 Step Guide to Fullscreen Landscape Videos on the Pearl Flip By Brandon ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    B. Swift’s 10 Step Guide to Fullscreen Landscape Videos on the Pearl Flip
    By Brandon Swift

    Intro: So after 2 years, I’ve finally gotten rid of my nice 8100 Pearl and moved onto a wonderful 8220 Pearl Flip! On top of that I got a great 4gig miniSD card for an extra cheap 4 dollars! So I wanted to make my new pearl into my new portable entertainment center. Problem was everytime I tried to watch a video, my blackberry would play it in this itty bitty little rectangle and leave ALL this black nonsense around it… Very unattractive. So I put my college brain to work and came up with this solution. This is my 10 Step Guide to Fullscreen Landscape Videos on the Pearl Flip.

    1) First download the following two *FREE* programs and install them.
    • VirtualDub (a video capture/processing utility) - VirtualDub download (at SourceForge) -
    • FormatFactory (multifunctional media converter , supports video/audio/picture conversion) - Download FormatFactory, FormatFactory 1.85 Download

    2) Next make sure your Pearl Flip is connected to your PC with “Mass Storage Support” on. Open the videos folder on your media card and leave it up for future use.

    3) Run Virtual Dub (VeeDub32.exe/VeeDub64.exe.) Drag and drop the video you wish to convert onto the main window. You should now see two rectangular frames each containing the video you’re trying to convert. The frame on the right is the edited video and the frame on the left is the original.

    4) In the video menu, click filters. Next click “Add” and scroll down until you find the rotate option then click OK. You will then see a radio button list of degrees to rotate your video. Keep “rotate left 90” selected and click OK.

    5) Next click “Add” once again and Select the resize option. Select the “Absolute(pixels)” radio button and change the new size to 240x320. Next to Aspect Ratio selected the “Same as Source” radio button and for the filter mode, select “precise bicubic” from the drop down menu. Lastly under Codec-friendly sizing select “Do not adjust” and under framing options select “Letterbox/Crop to size” and make the dimensions 240x320. Click “Save as Default” then click OK.

    6) Click on the the button which has a key with a play arrow above it to see a preview of your fullscreen landscape video.

    7) Now press F7 or in the file menu click Save as Avi and wait for the conversion to finish. Once the movie is saved close Virtual Dub and Open FormatFactory.

    8) In the left frame of the main FormatFactory window you will see a list of conversion methods, click All to MP4. Next drag and drop the edited avi video onto the All to MP4 window then click OK. Finally click the start button at the top of the FormatFactory main window and wait for the video to convert.

    9) Once the video is converted right click on your video in the list and click “Open Output Folder.” Drag your converted video into the videos folder on your media card. Make sure you go back and delete the AVI video you’ve created with VirtualDub as it will be a very large file.

    10) And that’s it, disconnect your BB and see your beautiful video in fullscreen! Feels almost like HD doesn’t it?

    This process will most likely work for many other Blackberry smartphones as long as you adjust the dimensions when using VeeDub.

    While you at it check out J2A Pro! Convert Nokia Games and Apps to Blackberry compatible formats! Check it at BSCreations! - Homepage and be sure to donate!

    Hope this helps any lost souls,

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    great information man... very useful... thanks...
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