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Ok so I know I made the first topic complaing about it, but now that ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    BSE case/skin Tips and Tricks


    Ok so I know I made the first topic complaing about it, but now that everthing is fixed here are a few pointers:

    This case only protects the back, not including camera side of the silver part, front screen (not keyboard), very top silver part, and most of the bottom part of pearl. It doesn't cover the silver siding and there will probably be a little bit of space between the bottom part of the skins.

    When you receive the skin it will be in a regular envelope so open it carefully. It comes on a sticky pad thing with the 5 pieces I described above. You should receive an extra sheet that is your receipt and has a link that tells you how to apply it. If you don't (as I did) don't panic. Just go to their website and find the application instructions.
    When you put it on MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW the instructions on their website!! If you just peel them off and apply them (as I did) they will come out terribly and be ruined!

    A representative of BSE told me it is better to use too much soap than too little.

    It helps if it isn't dripping wet when you put it on. This way you will have more control and can dry it off and position it easier.
    Take off your back case and do that part first. Its best to get a gang of it this way.

    If the edge of the back case won't stay on try taping it and leave the tape there until it dries. This is what I did and it peels off easily the next day without peeling off the skin.

    Now do the skinny piece that goes on the top. Make sure it isn't very wet at all so it doesn't soak in.

    Now do the screen. This one is fairly easy. Make sure it is on all the way, but try to dry the top off once it is on so you can see those pesky air bubbles and get them out before they dry.

    Do the bottom two parts last, because they are the hardest in my opinion. They never want to stick down and slide all over. You may even want to do them one at a time. Once they are on out your pearl on something so that it is standing straight up. This will force them to dry flatly and in place. Make sure they don't dry lopsided though.
    Try not to have anything hanging off the sides, but if it ends up that way then you can just cut them off. Let them dry over night.

    If you have any problems, or mess up terribly don't hesitate to contact someone at BSE! They are very helpful and reply fast! When they heard my problem I received TWO free skins four days later! So I actually have an extra skin right now.

    Remember to take your time and do it right. You'll love the case and it will be almost invisible.

    Let me know if you need any help guys. definetly recommend them for their great prices, great products, and great cuztomer service. ~ Kyle T.
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    Re: BSE case/skin Tips and Tricks

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