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Hey stackers, I do a lot of driving, and I am looking for a good ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Bluetooth Car Kit


    Hey stackers,

    I do a lot of driving, and I am looking for a good handsfree car kit to install. I was using a bluetooth headset but it was getting annoying and the battery life was dwindling. So have any of you installed one and what are good models?



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    Re: Bluetooth Car Kit

    I can recommend the Parrot bluetooth car kits (PM me if you need a link). I have been using one for almost two years with an ipaq and now with my berry. The installation has been simplified greatly now as well because they sell and adapter cable for most cars. The unit goes in line between your stereo wiring harness and it really spot on. It connects up with ease to your phone and people always are impressed to know I am on hands free. They even have some models that will work with your GPS/iPod and phone at the same time. I am thinking of upgrading my older model. If you are pretty handy you can have this baby installed in under 2 hours and be working with no issue.

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    Re: Bluetooth Car Kit

    I'm also a parrott user and have to agree with jkrums. Very happy as I just works. No issues and got it cheap off eBay.

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    Re: Bluetooth Car Kit

    I understand the Parrot also isolates and removes background noise while keeping the voice clear. Is this just a sales pitch or does it really work. I am looking at putting in a hands free kit in my Ford Super duty truck and the background noise is relatively loud. Will this system still work?

    I am also looking at getting a Bury Comfort plus for my 8130. Are they any good? I also need some form of signal booster. The bury has an external antenna but I also need to boost signal to 3 watts as I work on the fringe of the service area quite a lot.

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    Re: Bluetooth Car Kit

    I saw a unit at Costco that attaches to your visor, ($40). I have not tried it but it looked like a good option. My Sony CD head has built in Bluetooth so I use that.

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