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Hi I am kind of new to this... I didn't see this same issue anywhere ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question Blackberry Won't sync with outlook 2003


    Hi I am kind of new to this... I didn't see this same issue anywhere else so here goes:

    My co-worker and I both have BB 8100 through T-Mobile. She is having issues syncing her phone to her computer. She has not been able to sync it for about 3 weeks. She get the same message every time, it appears to be an issue with Microsoft because every time she attempts to sync the Windows error message some up with the options to *send error report* don't send... the usual. It never offers and error code at least that I can find. Any ideas?


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    Hello mde01!

    Welcome to PinStack, at least to posting!

    Have your friend reboot her PC to see if that doesn't help. She also might want to try uninstalling the current version of the DM she has loaded and then download and install a later version, which she can get directly from here.

    She'll need to restart her PC after that download/install is complete. She'll also need to set up her synchronization configuration again, but hopefully this will resolve her problem.

    Hope this helps!

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