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Please help what is a BES ? and a RIM?... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Blackberry virgin


    Please help what is a BES ? and a RIM?

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    Re: Blackberry virgin

    hello Lisa, welcome to the stacks!!

    BES is Blackberry Enterprise Service which is for company phones usually. So the IT dept can keep the BB secure.

    RIM is Research In Motion and that's the company that makes the BB

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    Re: Blackberry virgin

    bes is 'blackberry enterprise server.' that's if you get your work e-mails on your blackberry. (this is in contrast to BIS, which is 'blackberry internet service.' that's how you get your personal e-mail like yahoo, etc.)

    rim is 'research in motion,' the company that makes blackberries.

    hope this helps!

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