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I've had the same problem recently. I was able to take it out and clean ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    I've had the same problem recently. I was able to take it out and clean it (good instructions for doing so here on PinStack). That helped for awhile, but then it got to the point where that didn't work. The trackball assembly is not expensive. I bought one for about $6 (I think including shipping) from Amazon (an Amazon retailer). I've had that one in for a couple of months now and it works just fine.

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    just ask
    Quote Originally Posted by Khalnath View Post
    You wouldn't if you had a Bold... :P

    Seriously, it shouldn't need to be cleaned that often unless you're carrying it in your lint-ridden pocket all the time. My Pearl needed it about every month or two, but that was just with removing the trackball assembly and blowing on it.
    well i am new to the bb thing well not anymore but just got mine in aug of lastyear so i got to wait to get a new one and telus dont have the bold yet lol so

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    I had this problem back when I had a Pearl and ended up going to Ebay and buying a new trackball for the Pearl for $5 with free shipping. It is very easy to swap out and they have improved the quality of the trackballs. I felt it was worth $5 over the aggrevation of trying to get it clean and working as it did when it was new.

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    es una mierda la famosa bola

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    Thank you! (NYC)

    I did exactly what this guy said. I'm female, so I used some pressed powder from my compact, and rubbed it into the ball - and voila! The ball is now fully functional. Thank you - now I can avoid a trip to the crowded Verizon store here in midtown!

    Quote Originally Posted by macmood View Post
    You know many might not agree with me, but I have found that the pearl ball stops getting grip and is loose. So what I did was get some dirt in there but literally getting some on my thumb and getting it in there by scrolling the ball around. Whether ne one believes me or not it worked and my pearl ball got grip again.
    ~via BB (

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