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Hi! I have a pearl and I have a couple questions about it. First of ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Blackberry Pearl Questions


    Hi! I have a pearl and I have a couple questions about it.

    First of all, does anyone know where I can get a free software download of a program that is made to keep track of assignments for school, etc. I have looked everywhere that I know of and I haven't found anything. I know you can just use the calendar like regular, but I would rather have it seperate than my daily calander.

    Next, what file format works on the blackberry pearl. I have programs that are .alx that will download but I have files that are in .cod, .jar, and .jad format that will not load onto my bb. I was wondering if their was a way to get this to work or if these files are just not compatable.

    Last, after I first downloaded some software onto my blackberry I had to re-load everything that I had on their previously like the address book, calendar, etc, only the stuff that I had syncronized before. Why did these things get erased when I added applications?

    I am using the desktop manager when I am downloading stuff. I am not doing anything over the air because I don't have browsing service to my bb yet.

    Thanks in advance for any of the help and advise you can give me!


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    Re: Blackberry Pearl Questions

    In reply to your second question check this out

    Welcome to pinstack

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    Re: Blackberry Pearl Questions

    Try PocketDay for your calendar needs.

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