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Hey there, Sorry if this is the wrong forum but I would like to ask ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    BlackBerry Pearl 8110 Problem


    Hey there,

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum but I would like to ask if my problem means the phone is completely dead or not. I had it charging on my desk and returned an hour later, the phone no longer charged, turned on or showed a red light other than taking the battery out and putting it back in allowed the red light to flash.

    I have downloaded several OS for it, tried loading it with Desktop Manager and the Loader.exe file and it shows my device, the pin number and when I try to do a fresh install or the OS it goes to the JVM part and gives me an error that its unable to connect to the device having passed the part about deleting the old data on the phone.

    I've tried taking out the sim, memory card, battery plugging them all in, updating without a sim or memory card etc to no avail so I am guessing that my phone is completely dead? Thanks for any insight to this problem.

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    Hi Syna!

    Welcome to PinStack!

    Have you tried a new battery in the device?

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    Hi! Welcome! Have you also tried to take it to a retail store or cell store and see if its a usb charger/connector issue?
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    Try doing the same thing but right after you start the install pull your battery out and let it finish without is just before it finishes put the battery back in. I know I ran into this when I had my pearl and I found that this trick (which I found from searching the stack) seemed to work everytime I had a error during download of a OS

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