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Hi! I'm trying to get my Gaffer's BB8110 Pearl's built-in GPS to come on so ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question Blackberry Pearl 8110 GPS Fault/UniCDMA not detecting Phone



    I'm trying to get my Gaffer's BB8110 Pearl's built-in GPS to come on so he can use it with Google Maps, etc., but I can't get UniCDMA to read the phone's memory out to get the SPC - it obstinately refuses to show the phone as connected!

    I've tried the BB on buses, in cars and outdoors and the GPS will not find a location anywhere, despite being set to "GPS On" on the Advanced Options "GPS" Menu!

    I've tried Apps, and, along with UniCDMA 0.98, 1.095, 2.1 and 3.1.4 and not one of these will work!

    There's certainly ***something*** in the SPC as trying ##000000 Send gives me "Call Failed" on the BB's screen!

    CDMA Workshop doesn't work either, again all I get is "Phone does not answer...!"

    This problem has been driving me nuts for over four weeks now!!! The phone was on Vodafone UK (now unlocked) and was given to my Gaffer by his Son when he got an iPhone.

    Has somebody solved this nonsense, and if so does anyone have any SPC Code Numbers I can try as an alternative please?

    Chris Williams
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    Sorry but I'm a little confused. What exactly are you trying to do???
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