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is there an actual blackberry an ap called blackberry browser? i dont have it ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    blackberry browser


    is there an actual blackberry an ap called blackberry browser?

    i dont have it on my pearl but i got web "n" walk browser with t-mobile uk
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    Re: blackberry browser

    same thing it's called diff things for diff themes.
    hope I was of assistance
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    Re: blackberry browser


    There is one Browser App on the Blackberry. However there are up to three sets of intenal settings for it, set by the service books sent to your BB. The first is the Wap Browser, which is usually Carrier Branded as I believe yours may be. This browser has a initial load flash screen showing a Carrier based image.

    The second is the Internet Browser. Some people call this the BlackBerry Browser as it has a flash screen while initially loading that say BlackBerry on it. Most themes call this the Internet Browser or just Browser.

    The third is only available on BES and is titled the MDS Browser. If you are not on the BES, you won't have this Browser. It is used to access the Company Intranet. I have seen themes that call the the BlackBerry Browser. Don't know what the Flash screen looks like on this one though.

    Hope this helps explain the browser configurations.

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