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I cannot find a direct thread on here to find a site to download pearl ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question Blackberry 8100 Themes Please


    I cannot find a direct thread on here to find a site to download pearl theme downloads. Please post! I'm getting tired of the AT&T theme. Thanks

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    Re: Blackberry 8100 Themes Please

    here is some 8100 themes

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    Re: Blackberry 8100 Themes Please

    Quote Originally Posted by tamade
    I cannot find a direct thread on here to find a site to download pearl theme downloads. Please post! I'm getting tired of the AT&T theme. Thanks

    Below are several and also theme install help so you don't get lost.


    Theme install help.

    OTA (over-the-air)

    The OTA install method is easy and fast and requires no PC or USB cables. You should use the Internet browser on your BlackBerry (not the WAP browser) to navigate to the web page containing the link for the installation. For this site Pinstacks

    87xx ota theme downloads

    71xx Over-The-Air Theme Downloads

    8100/Pearl OTA Themes

    You can type this into the browser on your device or paste it into an email you send to yourself and launch it from the email message. Select and click on the theme's name, then use the Get Link option from the pop-up menu. The next screen will prompt you to download the file or cancel. Some information about the file is also displayed. Select Download and the process will begin. On EDGE and EVDO networks, the download should take less than one minute. Upon completion, you will be prompted to reboot the device.
    If this is your first time installing a theme via OTA, I recommend you download the theme file first, do NOT reboot, then download the Theme Reader (same web page) and then reboot. After that you'll be ready to use the new theme.
    Note: 8100/Pearl device does NOT need the theme reader file.

    Install using your desktop manager.

    1. Download the zip file to your PC:
    2. Unzip the file to a folder (name the folder).
    3. Connect your Blackberry to your computer.
    4. Open up Desktop Manager –> Application Loader –> Add.
    5. Find the file called “ThemeName.alx” and click “OK”.
    6. Find the file called "Plazmic_Theme_reader.alx" and click "ok".

    Note: 8100/Pearl users omit step 6 above. The theme reader is NOT needed.
    After the installation finishes, you can now change your themes by going to Options (wrench icon) –> Theme.

    Ongoing List of 7100/7130 themes!

    8100/Pearl Themes

    Icons from any third party vendors will show as they normally do, without transparency.
    If you have already installed themes using plazmic_theme_reader.alx file in the past no need to re-load that file over again.
    Additionally after installing themes keep the theme folder in the same place or the desktop manager will produce a message saying it can't find any additional applications to install in the future if you attempt to install additional themes.

    Phones do have memory limits, you may not be able to keep a never ending list of themes installed. If you find that a theme does not show up look at how many themes you have installed and consider removing one to make room for the newly install theme.

    Hope this helps?
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