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This morning, I recived a very curious phone call from a man whom I didn't ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Blackberry 8100 MM virus?


    This morning, I recived a very curious phone call from a man whom I didn't know.

    The problem was, he didn't know me either, but was very curious why I had sent him a text message with a picture attachment from my phone. Not just him, but his brother too. BTW, neither of these folks are in my address book.

    I advised that I had not done so, but my inbox offered me this information:

    Title: "+xxx-xxx-xxxx"

    Body: "Your message to +xxx-xxx-xxxx/"TYPE=PLMN has been"

    Now, interestingly enough, I have the auto off and on set on my phone- it turns off at 10PM, and on at 5AM. So my phone promptly booted this morning, and sent a message with a picture from my phone to a random, but local, number of it's own accord.

    I called my carrier directly after this call and gave them these details.
    We disabled javascript, flushed the IE cache and reset the phone by popping out the battery.

    Has anyone experienced something similar? Is this some form of malicious code I may have picked up? Are there any antivirus scan utilities I can download for free?

    Thanks in advance for your input.

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    Re: Blackberry 8100 MM virus?

    first time ive heard such things before. perhaps your pearl is possessed?

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    Re: Blackberry 8100 MM virus?

    I haven't either. did you try removing your service books and having them resent? perhaps your MMS one was altered somehow? personally, I think it could be a bad piece of 3rd party software. I had a game which caused my talk and end buttons to stop functioning.

    If I were you I would backup your phone's contents and then reinstall your OS so you have a completely fresh version, but on the reinstall do not have it reput on your backed up content, only your contact numbers. Go with it that way for 24 hrs and see if it happens again. If it doesn't happen again reload the rest of your stored content back on the phone (minus 3rd party software) and run with it for another 24 hrs. If it still doesn't happen install back the 3rd party software you previously had and monitor for another 24 hrs. If you notice at any point it comes back you will be closer to isolating the problem (if it comes back).


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    Re: Blackberry 8100 MM virus?

    I got that very same response txt today after I sent a MMS to a friend. I have not yet contacted the friend to see if he got it. But I dont know what it is either.

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    Re: Blackberry 8100 MM virus?

    It's the confirmation text they send you, when your message gets delivered.
    When you send an MMS and ask for delivery comfirmation, that is the text message comfirmation.

    So Xo someone sent an MMS to someone or your phone sent it. Not sure how that happened but it happened. I doubt its a virus, maybe just a glitch in the OS? I'm not sure.

    Hope this Helps

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    Re: Blackberry 8100 MM virus?

    I had the same thing happen to me too.
    This one was a e-mail from some other blackberry user.
    it just said it was from Cassandra Ho.

    Recieved using:
    Message Status : Opened
    Sent:May 29, 2007 5:07PM
    From: Cassandra Ho
    Subject: Corny

    If it was sent to why did I get the email as well?
    KeVin 4 Sho~

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