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I just set up my BIS with the exchange email at my job. I receive ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    BIS Exchange Email - Long Delay in Receiving Messages


    I just set up my BIS with the exchange email at my job. I receive emails on my phone sometimes up to half an hour after I actually get them in my inbox. Is this normal? Is there any way to speed up the process so it is real time or almost real time?


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    Same here, Jason. Not sure if there's any way to speed it up. Some days it's pretty fast, but today there are emails I've gotten on my PC that still haven't come to my device.

    Which leads me to a question.....if I have filters for my Inbox on my PC that move mail to other folders, will it still come to the BlackBerry? I have filters set on other e-mail accounts that I get pushed to the device, but I'm wondering about the OWA e-mails now that I haven't been receiving them since setting up the filters.
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