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I've had my 8130 for a couple years now, had to get it replaced about ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    bettery not holding charge?


    I've had my 8130 for a couple years now, had to get it replaced about a year ago due to trackball issues. Now my phone isn't holding a charge for more than ~4 hours after being charged overnight. I've bought new batteries and that doesn't seem to do the trick. I'm not running any intense applications - half the time it just sits on my desk at work and drains itself without me touching it.

    I took it in to the VZW store, and since it was our of warrantee they can't do anything, I'm out of ideas. Any thoughts on what could be the culprit?

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    I went through the exact same trackball nightmare with my original 8120. Call CS on the phone and they will help you out. The store wanted me to go through all kinds of hoops, like reinstalling the OS which didn't work anyway. I was able to receive a replacement 8120. By the way, the culprit is a busted USB port. That happened to me on an old 71xx series phone.

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