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    BES Plan


    New BB user for over two weeks and absolutely love it so far. My current plan is the BIS with 1500 messages. My company has a BB exchange server but I bought this as a personal phone.

    The BES plan is only $5 more than my current plan so I'm thinking about upgrading to that so I can get my work emails.

    My question is when I upgrade from BIS to BES will I still be able to get my personal emails with the current email address?

    Also does the BES plan include messaging so I don't get charged for those.

    Anything else I need to know or be wary of upgrading from BIS to BES. This is mainly a personal phone but when I need to check my work emails I need to hit the internet and use a secure token ring to log in. I'd rather them be pushed like my personal emails but I don't want to lose my personal emails since I'm footing the bill...

    Any help is appreciated...

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    Re: BES Plan

    You can still have bis email addresses on a BES activated device, so no worry on losing that option.

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    Re: BES Plan

    Yeah like N8 said you should be fine and there should be a bes plan that includes the sms messages...check with ur carrier
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