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Lately my bbm has been acting up... showing me contacts that are not on my ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    BB troubles...


    Lately my bbm has been acting up... showing me contacts that are not on my list...

    EXAMPLE:20/22 contacts... but I cant find the 2 missing contacts... I did a bbm messenger wipe through desktop manager... and it cleared it up... but it's happening again.

    I also have had my bb freeze up on my a lot... i've been pulling my battery too much lately. Did a OS upgrade... but it didnt seem to solve my problem...

    And they say troubles find you in threes...

    When I try to access my pics on my media card... it doesnt even show up as an option... only preloaded pics and device memory folders pop up... battery pull solves sometimes... but its happening again and again... I noticed especially when Im plugged into my laptop.

    I'm about to pitch her across the room.. but my bb knows I would never really hurt her... tempting though... lol

    Any help would be much appreciated... thanks

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    Re: BB troubles...

    Do you backup to Outlook? If so, can you find the missing contacts in Outlook?

    I previously had a similar problem when using a Palm, had corrupted files, and I was able to find and delete them using my desktop app., which I backed up to.

    Only other thing I can suggest (and I'm a noobe...) is perhaps, being you only have 22 contacts, either try delete all contact records, wipe your blackberry (after a backup), then install OS. then, manually re-input your contacts... this is assuming you only have 20 or so. If you have hundreds, this wouldn't make much sense.

    Also, you might try a different OS. I know T-MO is coming out with a new OS either tomorrow or in a few days. Seems that some versions of OS are more stable then others, and that you don't have to stick to the OS provided by your carrier.

    sorry I couln't be more help, but again, if you can wipe your device as much as possilble to try to delete any corrupted records, then backup, then reinstall a new OS, it may solve your issues.

    Or... wait for other advice, or feedback on my recommendations. Again, I haven't been using a bb long, but I have used Palms, and have had experience with software problems.

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