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    Question BB Pearl + Cisco VPN + RDP


    I just got a 8130 (Verizon) and absolutely love it. I have it set up with imap gmail and pop3 via my work's exchange server. I just have a few questions..

    We currently have a Cisco router which we use as a VPN server so laptop/desktop users can connect and access network drives and we use to remote into our servers.

    Is there any way for me to connect to our (Cisco) VPN and use rdesktop via my Pearl?

    If we had a BES server, would it eliminate the need to connect to VPN (since our BB devices are already on our 'network')?

    What is the best BB app to use for remote desktops of PCs/Servers? I've found a few on google but if there is a clear winner I don't want to waste my time with the low end ones.

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    Hi. I've tested Idokorro Mobile desktop and it was pretty cool. Has a free trial so give it a go. I didn't buy it (yet) mostly because I've found other ways to do what I need to do. No matter how good the software it's still a small screen to view a whole desktop. But I found this app fast and stable. Even over GPRS. It also gives you the option of VNC or RDP. Sorry don't know of any cisco VPN client software. Basically if you can find an ipsec vpn client you should be right. Or some Ciscos support PPTP clients. I think you're right though. If you have a BES and you sys admin allows the right ports for your BB to connect to the BES you should be able to RDP inside the network without a VPN.
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