Hi everyone,

I'm having some issues getting a bb pearl 8110 syncing on a mac. It seems like the bb is just not communicating with pocketmac.

- mac os v10.4.11
- pocketmac 4.0.20b
- Old blackberry (8700) connects fine. (was replaced after being dropped, plastic casing is smashed in on 3 corners, still syncs tho)
- I'm using the same usb cable for the new bb. (tried a diff cable too)
- New bb does mount so i can access data on the bb.
- Tried setting up a bluetooth connection between the mac & bb, I can transfer the address book, but wont connect in pocketmac. (including fiddling with bluetooth port settings)
- I tried uninstalled and removed all traces of pocketmac, and reinstalled, no change.
- tried a wipe of the bb same issue.
- bb works fine on my fiancé's pc laptop
- I tried completely disabling mass storage mode. still no sync.

Any Thoughts, suggestions so that i can get this thing to sync?