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Does anyone out there in the know have any idea if RIM are going to ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    BB HTML Mail


    Does anyone out there in the know have any idea if RIM are going to improve the mail client on the BB to format HTML content? It seems crazy that a device with always on Internet, designed to handle your email on the move can't format HTML in email messages. More and more of my mail has HTML in it and I end up not being able to read it on my BB and having to wait until I get home or the office to look at it on another mail client. Crazy!!!

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    Re: BB HTML Mail

    It's not crazy, it's called Security! HTML is inherently insecure and Security is Job 1 at RIM (which is why the government & military - RIM's biggest customers - use NOTHING ELSE!). Even the Gmail APP doesn't really do HTML mail.

    I haven't heard of any HTML email apps.

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    Re: BB HTML Mail

    Still no html email when the majority of email is html is ridiculious if you ask me. For being billed as a great push always on email device its usless to me as to view all my emails I have to still use a PC.

    Besides it's smaller than a laptop, whats the point of even having a BB when I still have to carry a laptop to properly read my email ?

    Oh wait here is an important email to my BB: &*^&^@&*(#(!$(%(R%!@(R^!@#^ERT D VEDC&( EVF&( FT!@$& #YR&*Y!AB!RYYYYYYYYYYYYR*(!H$_U8--this is a test&*(^&&*^^&%^%(^T&*GB!@YB W!YEB *@DG *#DG)* DF

    Now I have to find a PC so I can properly read it.

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    Re: BB HTML Mail

    Rkkeller, for really important emails, I forward them to my gmail address and then read it using my browser. A pain I know, but it will do in a pinch.

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