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I found the standby function on my phone while just playing around with the buttons ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Re: battery life


    I found the standby function on my phone while just playing around with the buttons about 2 weeks ago. The problem is, it seems like it was using much more battery than the keyboard lock for some reason. I would think it would be the other way around but it isn't the case. When I use the standby, I had to charge nearly everyday (and I'm a pretty light user) but with the keyboard lock, I don't need to charge for nearly 5-6 days, which is extraordinary in my mind. When I was using standby, the battery would be around 15-20% in 24 hours and then I would charge it to 100% while I was getting ready in the morning. But with a keyboard lock, I don't see that problem at all for about 4 days. I am also one of those people that dont see my battery going less than 3 bars, so I charge it when it hits about 15-20%, even though I know I have nearly a day of charge left. Has anyone else been experiencing this as well?

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    Re: battery life

    ~via BB ( used to be a real big problem for terms of battery life...I found that when I first got my pearl I played with it battery life was horrible! Like I was lucky to get half a day...but I changed my screen brightness to 20%...kept it in standby mode as much as possible...slowed my browser usage a little...and set the backlight timer to 20 seconds...this has helped tremendously...hope that helps...I may try using the keyboard lock instead just to see if that improves performance though

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