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My white 8100 is about a month old. I noticed, lately, than when I charge ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Battery Issue


    My white 8100 is about a month old. I noticed, lately, than when I charge overnight, within about 20 minutes of turning the phone on in the A.M., I am down to 95% batt life - without making any calls, etc. Is this normal or would I need to replace the battery?

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    Re: Battery Issue

    I don't really think this is an issue 'cause BB can't tell you 99% and since that as soon as you unplug it you're no more 100% it will go for a 95%
    I would tell you that a battery issue would be if your phone can make it to all the day
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    Re: Battery Issue

    make sure you dont have any apps running in the background as these will drain your battery.

    This happened to me..over night the battery went down loads..seems like it was cause of a couple of apps that i had installed (like the color pearl one).

    Just click on Alt + escape (leave ALT pressed) and you will see all the apps that are running in the background..close down any of the ones which you dont need.

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