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So I just got my Pearl 8130 three weeks ago, and it has been working ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Battery help?


    So I just got my Pearl 8130 three weeks ago, and it has been working great. Only, in the last day or so, the battery runs out extremely fast. For instance, I charged it until it was full last night, then unplugged it and turned it off. This morning I turned it back on and a couple minutes later I looked at it and the battery was less than half full. Now, two hours later, the battery is nearly dead. What could be the problem, and how do I fix it?

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    Re: Battery help?

    It might be a bad battery, you could try to take it back and have them give you a new one.
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    Re: Battery help?

    Do you know if the battery is actually near death, or is the meter not accurately reflecting the charge? If you're not sure, let it run down to one bar and see how long you can talk before it really does die.

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    Re: Battery help?

    It could also be the connectors in the device that meet the battery somehow not receiving well. I would definitely take it back as you are within your 30 day return period here and see about getting a replacement. This is NOT normal.

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    Re: Battery help?

    what you describe isn't good, ofc there could be something in the background of your phone which drains battery.. but I doubt it.. pull the battery for 5min (while phone is on), power back up, test for a day, if still no good. Go back to the store (if this troubleshooting makes you cross the 30 days return period drop it and go straight away back with is)

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    Re: Battery help?

    or you could take a real quick look at what is running currently... in the Apps home screen> Menu> switch apps ... check here to see which apps are running. if you have Google Maps running i know it drains the battery good. word to the wise when you close a program be sure to use select the close or exit choice out of the menu drop down (or up). and try a battery pull while your at it.

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