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Hi All, I have a rubber protector around my 8130 and I keep it in ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Auto Key Lock?


    Hi All,

    I have a rubber protector around my 8130 and I keep it in my pocket. I've been calling people by accident a lot. I know how to do the manual keyboard lock, but is there an auto-lock on it? Like one that would automatically lock the keyboard after 30 seconds of no-use?


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    Go into Options and Security and enable password protection and then set your time. Or...since I do not have a holster with a magnet to do the automatic lock for me, I just have the left convenience key set to do the keyboard lock so all I have to do is push it and then put it in my holster.
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    After I discovered that my phone had made a 2 1/5 hour call to the police the other day, followed by it slipping out of its' silicone case, I went searching again a couple days ago and found this link:
    I wasn't familiar with the website or author but neither my firewall (Kaspersky) nor Firefox popped up any warnings. It is a simple little program that shows up in Advanced Settings and seems to work exactly as it says it does. It is "donation"-ware. I was still frustrated, however, with constantly having to push 2 buttons just to get to my keypad. A salesperson showed me the Blackberry holster with the magnet but he didn't have one for the Pearl. I eventually found one at Best Buy so that I could try it before buying it. It's sweet and simple. when the BB is in the holster, the keypad is disabled but when you pull it out, it is immediately enabled - no additonal fumbling just to answer the phone or email or change the music. I'd suggest checking it out first to see if it would meet your needs.

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