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Hello all! Can anyone please tell me if they listen to books on their ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Audible Books


    Hello all!
    Can anyone please tell me if they listen to books on their Pearl and if so what software they downloaded to do this. It seems I have to have Windows Media Player to do this and I can't find a download that is compatible.

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Audible Books

    If it uses windows media player then there is no way for you to get it to work.

    Maybe if the files were already in mp3 format and downloadable then you would have a shot.

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    Re: Audible Books

    If you cannot download them individually there might be alternatives. You could play it in Media Player and run another application to record the out put of your soundcard. Not very efficient and also means it takes as long to record the book as it does to play it.

    Alternatively there are sites that you can input a multimedia URL to and it allows you to save it as a file (I've only seen it used for videos though. Like saving clips from You Tube for example).

    One possibility is to change your system to handle filetypes of the sort the site sends to you to save it. I used to do this with Flash Shockwave files. I modified how my system handled SWF file extensions and was able to save them directly to my hard drive.

    Just tossing a few ideas out there. Since I'm not sure how the site you're listening to sends you the audio books I cannot say for sure which option is the best. Although the first option I suggested would work for any audio file playing through your system.


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    Re: Audible Books

    There is new software on for the pearl. It's a beta version. It seems to be working fine so far on my 8100. Good luck.

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    Re: Audible Books

    here's a great site for free audio books of such.

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